Meet our doctors

Arunan John Thurairajah, MD

Fallon Health Weinberg-PACE, Clinic Physician
Menorah Campus Health Service, LLC

Dr. Thurairajah, (more commonly known as ‘Dr. John’) has been affiliated with the Weinberg Campus since 2012, where he has served as Medical Director for the Total Aging in Place Program (now Fallon Health Weinberg) and the Menorah Campus. He is board certified in both Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine. In 2008, he completed his Fellowship in Geriatrics at SUNY at Buffalo Medical-Dental Consortium. He is experienced in admissions, consultation, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of geriatric and palliative care patients on an inpatient service level and in an outpatient clinical setting. He has experience as a palliative care consultant with Hospice Buffalo and is a member of the professional advisory committee for Rosa Coplan CHAA and Menorah Licensed Home Care.


All services must be provided by or authorized by the PACE Interdisciplinary Team (except emergency services). PACE participants may be held liable for costs for unauthorized or out-of-PACE program agreement services.

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