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Fallon Health Weinberg is a partnership between Fallon Health of Massachusetts and Weinberg Campus of Erie County, New York. Fallon Health Weinberg offers a  a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)  serve the health needs of dual-eligible residents of the Western New York counties of Erie and Niagara. Fallon Health Weinberg expands the choices that residents of Erie and Niagara county have when it comes to high-quality, affordable health care.

The two parent companies, Fallon Health and Weinberg Campus, have demonstrated consistent commitment to providing an array of solutions that make high-quality, integrated and affordable care more accessible to the poor, disabled and senior populations within the communities they serve.


Fallon Health Weinberg-PACE
Fallon Health Weinberg-PACE provides older adults and their caregivers with an innovative home and community-based care program. Participants enjoy the independence of living in their own home and staying in their own communities. This program will offer the convenience and security of coordinated care and coverage by combining medical care, insurance and long term community support services into one program.

Participants get high-quality care—including primary medical care, prescription drugs, nutrition services, physical and occupational therapy, and more. All services are provided or arranged by a team of specialists in geriatric care or care of older adults.

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Fallon Health Weinberg is looking to contract with high quality physicians and licensed healthcare practitioners who are willing to make a commitment to managed care.
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