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Health library

The Healthwise Knowledgebase is the Fallon Health Weinberg online health library. Members can use our online health library for free. The online library has information on thousands of topics including:

  • diseases
  • medical tests
  • medications
  • when you should see a doctor
  • everyday health information

You will be able to search for home treatments, how to help prevent illness, and when to call a doctor. There are also online health tools you can use to help make decisions about your health, like when to have medical tests, surgeries and how to take care of chronic illness.

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Plan documents

See your Member Handbook.

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Grievances and Appeals

If you have a problem, all you have to do is speak to your Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC Care Team or a staff member. We will try our best to address your concerns or issues as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.

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ID card

When you enroll, you will receive a Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC ID card, which you should carry along with your Medicaid and Medicare card.  Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC members continue to get medical services from their primary care physicians and inpatient hospital services using their Medicaid and/or Medicare cards.

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Member rights and responsibilities

As a member of Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC, you have certain rights concerning your health care including having your treatment provided with consideration, dignity, respect, and confidentiality. This treatment will be provided without discrimination. You also have certain responsibilities including being an active participant in care and care decisions.

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Privacy and protection

Your Care Team and all staff members of Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC will work hard to protect and make sure that your information stays confidential.

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You may end your participation in Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC at any time. To disenroll, you can make a verbal or written request. Your Care Team or staff member can help you do this. Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC will send you a written confirmation letter. We will ask you to complete and sign a Voluntary Disenrollment Form.  Fallon Health Weinberg-MLTC will go forward with the disenrollment right away, beginning at the first day of the following month.

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